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Visitors button doesn't work - Mobile site has many shortcomings

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If I click on "My Account" and then click on "Visitors and Visited Profiles" it just spins.  Same thing happens if I click on the little footprint icon on the bottom of the screen.  Once in a while, a screen will display, but not too often.  I also get a warning from my browser (FireFox) telling me that a script is running slow on that page.

I use this site more from my phone than my desktop, but many features on the mobile site do not work.  For example, I cannot add comments on this forum from my phone (it keeps telling me I need to login).  Houseboy City Map will display locations, but if you click to see a profile, you get nothing.

If you want to hire me on a contract/as-needed basis to fix things and QA your system, let me know.  I can also provide a resume.

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