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COVID-19 layoff

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I was looking for a serious HB position before, but I had a full-time job and didn't want to leave it to start this new career. Now I have been laid off from work because of financial hardship brought on by COVID-19, and I wanted to open up my search again. Interested in a position within the US, domestic, with an older man or couple. Happy to discuss more details. Please reach out so we can email and learn more about each other.

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  I just did a search for your profile on the main site and found none. I politely suggest you set up a profile so that you might be discovered and offered a position with a suitable employer. This is just a forum. No email addresses, phone numbers or other contact info is allowed on this public forum. That can be done on the main site after you set up a profile. I’d like for you to contact me there if you’re interested. Helpful tip, “verify” your profile after you’ve made one. Just go to your “my account” and find verify profile. Simple, quick and free. Plus you get 25 free messages a day instead of just 5. Good luck. 

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