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Repeat Scammer - Boy4Serious - New Name, Same person


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This scammer pops up every other month or so.  In October, he was HotBoy4Dad.  I forget all his other names, but he always uses a '4' in his screen names.  I know he's the same person as every profile he creates, he is the same distance from me, and he immediately has me blocked from reading and reporting his fake profile.


Oh I should say he is a real person, just a flake and he'll try to take you for every penny he can get out of you.  If you speak with him, please don't let his Southern accent fool you.  He is from the deep south, he just doesn't have any Southern charm.  You have been warned - take my advice please.

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I'm very surprised no one has been taken in by him yet this time around.  I don't think too many people look at these forum pages...how sad.  It won't be long until he sweet charms himself onto some other poor unsuspecting employer.  A leopard never changes his spots!


Michael has always warned everyone NOT to send money to any houseboy, but some people will never learn.  



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