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FitBoy4U a/k/a Boy4Serious a/k/a HotBoy4Dad a/k/a DreamBoy4U a/k/a Handsome4Mentor a/k/a MotivatedMuscle is back!

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Well it took him a few months to return this time, but yes, this repeat scammer is back once again with yet another new profile.  He had profiles under each of the names in the title in 2021.  I can't find the older names, but you get the idea.  

If you intend to engage him in conversation, please do a forum search under each of the above names to find out how many employers on here have already been scammed by this fake.  If you talk with him, he'll send up a lot of red flags.  Just don't get taken in my his 'Southern Charm' or you and your money will soon be parted.

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Yep, same scammer just a different profile name. He immediately blocks any member that’s putted him in the past as soon as he crests his new profile in order to prevent him being reported. Best not message the guy unless you feel like donating to his cause. Cause is he’s a scam artist. 

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