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Adverts and Photo Display Size

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No objection with having advertising inserts on the profile's individual photo display page(s) but please RESIZE the DISPLAY WINDOW so that the entire PHOTO is visible with along with the advertising graphic inserts. It's annoying to have to move the window up and down, etc. to be able to view the actual PHOTO of the person being viewed.

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Should have addressed this with original post but just noticed that the photos and adverts are VISIBLE but the annoyance is that the ARROWS needed to be clicked on to MOVE to the next or previous photo is not visible within the FRAME and that makes it necessary to move the window so that the ARROWS become visible to be used by the viewer.

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firefox 29.0.1

Acer V226WL

22" diagonal (viewing) 1680 x 1050 resolution - landscape

rectangular view window dimensions 11 1/2 X 16 1/2

windows 8.1 op sys

The problem could be alleviated if the bottom region of the viewing window for photos can be increased by a minor white-space area (probably a line or two, below and before the bottom FRAME LINE) using logic that considers the greater of the largest USER photo and/or the inserted advert graphic situated in the bottom region. I see where the BACK and FORWARD arrows can now be hidden by either of the PHOTO or the ADVERT, depending upon the size of either of the two that are situated.

Another way to handle the problem may be to segregate the adverts from the PHOTO area "explicitly". I don't have a suggestion as how that may be done.

And finally, just make the viewing window for PHOTO displays much larger or force-insert of additional white space surrounding all contents of the window, additionally, another outside FRAME could envelop (surround) the PHOTO DISPLAY WINDOW and that would ensure that the BACK and FORWARD buttons will be visible for each display window. That should not hurt the overall quality of the systems operation or function and may ease this kind of problem.

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On 2/1/2017 at 2:46 PM, AJinFL said:

Yes.  This was fixed very quickly after notification.  It is no longer a problem or concern.

Please note the date that my posting was originally authored:  May 12, 2014


This remains a problem on tablets and smartphones, to the extent that viewing photos on those devices is useless. This applies at the minimum on iDevices (Apple). As the success of the site depends on hits for advertising, and mobile devices are quickly and vastly outnumbering use of laptops and PC's, you're clearly missing revenue.

The easy rectification is to utilize an Apple device or Mac to browse the site, then Apple native software to export HTML code suitable for all mobile devices, regardless of make. There's a reason Hollywood, graphics professionals and serious web designers use Apple devices.

If you'd like to contact me, I've had a long background in advertising, graphics, consultation and marketing strategies that avoid many of the pitfalls herds of advertisers and sites follow flocks of corporate sheep into. It's uncanny how when one major player selects a golden child, everyone switches worship.


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