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  1. Southerner


    As far as guys looking for money add "Iambronson" to the list
  2. Southerner


    Thanks for the info. Yeah this guy is busy trying to sell himself for his master.... The price $5000! Can you say human trafficking in phantoms.
  3. Looks like there is a ring of guys looking to take your money in Petersburg Virginia. I hope most of you know about Musclehelper but also one called Versguy. Caught them using the same vehicle when they shared pics. Its a white 1979 Cherokee 4x4, which I cant see how it would even run knowing AMC's of the time. Generally right now anybody posting out of Petersburg Va is suspect.
  4. hi,  did you get further with this


  5. HI, I have been talking to him and yes he is near Petersburg Va near Fort Lee. If you would like more info on him, you can go on Mugshots.com and look up Chris Johnson from Arkansas. There you can see what he use to look like.
  6. Thanks for the info on Mucslehelper. I have been watching him go from Houston to Minnesota to now Miami but says he is in Richmond Va. Same store in all three places and this red truck that breaks down. Must be some truth to the story sometime ago there was a red truck.
  7. Thanks for posting


  8. Hi, where are you looking and what for?

    1. twoforaboy


      Hey how are you?  Two of us her looking for a boy


    2. jg3451


      hi looking here where ru

  9. Hi, just want to give guys a heads up. He is back at it Derrick Odear. He has posted with a fake pic and profile that I hope Houseboy removes. If you have been a victim of him you can find into on facebook about him. Just an FYI
  10. Southerner

    Their Back

    Hey guys, Just to up date you Derrick is posted as Graymaze1991 and posted someone else's pic Just to let you know
  11. Hello, I did not realize this had been posted or I would have replied sooner. The situation here was rather unique to me. I mean that since I have never seen anybody so out of touch with reality. The only job this person has had was delivering papers for a local new paper route, so I guess he has not had to deal with much in the way of expectation. I am not going to go "tit for tat" on this cause; its just not worth it, but I will tell you my side of what happened just for entertainment purposes, if nothing else. I had talked to Carlos for quite sometime, here as well as on Facebook. I
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