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  1. Not sure where to post this, but its about a scammer. New one on here called Jamal says he is from Qatar. He accidently sent me pics of another scammer on here I remember reading about who claims to be a model in NYC. Just wanted to put the word out or to repost it to the right forum.
  2. Southerner


    As far as guys looking for money add "Iambronson" to the list
  3. Southerner


    Thanks for the info. Yeah this guy is busy trying to sell himself for his master.... The price $5000! Can you say human trafficking in phantoms.
  4. Looks like there is a ring of guys looking to take your money in Petersburg Virginia. I hope most of you know about Musclehelper but also one called Versguy. Caught them using the same vehicle when they shared pics. Its a white 1979 Cherokee 4x4, which I cant see how it would even run knowing AMC's of the time. Generally right now anybody posting out of Petersburg Va is suspect.
  5. hi,  did you get further with this


  6. HI, I have been talking to him and yes he is near Petersburg Va near Fort Lee. If you would like more info on him, you can go on Mugshots.com and look up Chris Johnson from Arkansas. There you can see what he use to look like.
  7. Thanks for the info on Mucslehelper. I have been watching him go from Houston to Minnesota to now Miami but says he is in Richmond Va. Same store in all three places and this red truck that breaks down. Must be some truth to the story sometime ago there was a red truck.
  8. Thanks for posting


  9. Hi, where are you looking and what for?

    1. twoforaboy


      Hey how are you?  Two of us her looking for a boy


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      hi looking here where ru

  10. Hi, just want to give guys a heads up. He is back at it Derrick Odear. He has posted with a fake pic and profile that I hope Houseboy removes. If you have been a victim of him you can find into on facebook about him. Just an FYI
  11. Southerner

    Their Back

    Hey guys, Just to up date you Derrick is posted as Graymaze1991 and posted someone else's pic Just to let you know
  12. Hello, I did not realize this had been posted or I would have replied sooner. The situation here was rather unique to me. I mean that since I have never seen anybody so out of touch with reality. The only job this person has had was delivering papers for a local new paper route, so I guess he has not had to deal with much in the way of expectation. I am not going to go "tit for tat" on this cause; its just not worth it, but I will tell you my side of what happened just for entertainment purposes, if nothing else. I had talked to Carlos for quite sometime, here as well as on Facebook. I told him we had a farm house situation and at that time were looking for help keeping things in order like feeding animals and such. When feeding animals its not like you can just do it when you chose, skip a day here or feed them in the afternoon when they have been feed in the morning, the animals are hungry and depend on us for food-daily! So he told me he had worked on a farm and had taken care of animals before and he was very good at it. I said sounds like you would be a good match. I then offered, would you like to come and stay a week to see if you like it. He said he did not have the money for such a trip right now(which I am sure most of us have heard on here before) So I offered to pay for his ticket, if he came over and worked the cost of the ticket off. He agreed. Well, Arthur and I picked him up in Atlanta cause we had business there and it was cheaper to fly him to Atlanta. When we picked him up. we were taken by how much baggage he had just for one week. So from there we went to the hotel and he began to unpack a few things. We reminded him we would be leaving the next day, but we thought it odd some of the things he had brought, One thing was something sentimental to him from a friend that caught my eye. I asked him why he brought that with him. He said it meant a lot to him and it was good luck. I was like ok! So the next day we drive home and we determine that he has a colorful past. One he had been arrested for position of drugs, and he like to smoke. Arthur and I rolled our eyes. This fact did help explain why this guy was 31 years old and still had no drivers license. When he told me that, I thought how odd, when I was 16, I could not wait til I got my driving permit. So that and the drug charge was red flag. Then when we get him home and Arthur (who is a houseboy from here) looks at me like, you picked a winner, and I asked him what did he mean. He then said go look in his room. So I did and there is all this weird stuff, like comic books,a large plastic rat, and weirder yet a skull of some animal. I asked him why did he brought all these things for just a week. His reply was "what if i liked it here, he may not go back." I thought, well that's presumptuous of him. Well we all work in Tallahassee during the day so Carlos was going to be spending the day by himself. This was a lot of trust on our part and I was very nervous about this, so I made a list of what tasks he could do during the day that fit what we talked about over the last few weeks/month for working off his cost of the ticket . I then showed him around, and gave a demonstration of what the finish result was to look like. I own three businesses, so I have trained a few employees. As soon as I gave him the rake and saw him use it, I realized this kid(31) had never use a hand tool in his life. He was clueless. I thought OMG what have I gotten myself into. It was obvious he lied about what he had done and when asked about it he changed his story to match the situation, when asked about the differences in the story, he denied having ever said that, I was like so X,Y, and Z now don't count? You never worked on a farm, he was it wasn't actually a farm, it was my parents garden. I then asked how big it was. He said it was big!, how big? As big as our backyard. Then I asked how big is your back yard? Never got a straight answer. Anyway, it was quite a lesson in what a person calls "big", let me tell you. So to move the week along, I had to go to work, we had to leave him here and we just moved thought it. We would come home notice he did about 2 hours of work and say he had been working all day, Well, then we found out what he was doing all day. Arthur had found him on Grindr and knew what time he logged on and off. So he was looking for hook ups the hold time we were at work. So when we asked about this he denied it and said he wanted to leave. I said fine. He said that I had to buy him a plane ticket, I said no I didn't, all I had to do was get him back home and I would take him in the morning to the bus station and gladly send him home. Well morning came bags packed and he says he does not want to go to bus station, but instead wants the cash for the ticket. I thought that is strange but told him if I give him cash that my obligation with him was fulfilled and he was on his own, and if he came back after the money was spent and wanted a way home, he would only get a no from me. So he agreed and I gave him the cash, well about thirty minutes later a car comes by to pick him up, someone he had been talking to on Grindr, and then it hit me. Why had he brought so many of his personal things just for a one week visit. Apparently, these guys had been talking for months and were comic book types and such and basically when I offered to fly him here it was the ticket. I know at that point I had been played. So sorry for such a long story! But feel free to ask Arthur who has lived with us for a year and a half now, about Carlos. So be-careful guys there are a lot of different situations out there. Best thing to do is check up as much as you can and ask other guys on here who might know them. Play it safe. Sincerely William
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