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  1. Hi, I’m looking for a mentor or even a dad type of some sort. Really would like someone to help me establish myself and push me towards success. Or even just help me accomplish getting my education. Been struggling for abit. I prefer someone on the West Coast (USA). I can relocate if I can’t find somewhere around here. Prefer 35 and up men. Huge bonus if you like Femme Boi’s and are comfortable with me being me. We can talk more about this through messaging or on the phone as well. I can clean, somewhat cook (basic meals) and whatever else we can work out. Im not interested in Conservatives/Trump supporters/White Nationalist or people who support racism. (I’ll probably get shit for this, but whatever) i am 100% real and can provide any information necessary to prove so. Even tho I don’t have a verified profile on the main website. I can ensure you I am real. Im am not interested in couples either. (Does not work out for me) I don’t not want any time wasters, tired of people using me, tired of constantly worrying if I’m gonna go anywhere with my life. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS POST IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE MESSAGE ME THROUGH THE MAIN WEBSITE. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
  2. I already sent a message to you guys. Thank you. Side note also for everyone who reads this. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT. Just message me through the website or the main page. Thank you.
  3. Looking for a place to call home. Hopefully something on the West Coast and in California, but if i cant find anything, im open to relocating for the right person and situation. Im not gonna go into full details about everything thats going on with my life on this post. I just want a home, get my life together and to be able to do something with my life. Im by no means in anyway shape or form perfect, but i try to be the best person i can be and to deal with what i have in front of me. I wanna be able to make someones life better, but most of important, to have a better life for myself. Sounds corny and maybe a little self centered. Just been through alot in my life and i want better. I can be a companion, houseboy, boytoy, sissy, whatever we can work out. But that doesnt mean im desperate for a place to live nor will i become anyone's personal sex slave, because i have feelings and emotions too. Wanna find someone who can treat me right and help me every step of the way. Who won't give up on me. And ill do the same. If this is something that caught your eye and are Fully Interested in this. Do write me through the main website or inbox me. For faster responses, message your number also. Thank you for fully reading this if you did. And to the one's who are interested, im looking forward to hearing from you. Have a good day everyone.
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    I tried reaching out to address your problem with me and yet i get no phone call back. I called three times and yet you dont wanna answer. Im not time a waster and the only reason i wanna talk to you is work this childish thing on making untrue statements and saying rude stuff to me when you dont know anything about me or even walked in my shoes. So please be an adult and call me back. Thank you and have a good day!
  5. Uhm, if you had a problem with me, you shouldve kept it to yourself dude. You wouldnt give time to answer questions. You want to start drama on a website just because im not interested in you. It seems like your the one complaining. You have no idea what i been through and never walked a day in my shoes. So dont come at me about me wasting peoples time. If i see red flags or even a glimpse of something i dont like in a person, of course im gonna pass up. But to have the nerve and audacity to write and say mean and untrue things about me. Thats pretty messed up. But thank you for showing your true colors to everyone dude. I hate drama and thats the reason i passed up. And for the record, i did say i wasnt interested. Leave me alone already and just stop blaming others already. Thats childish of a older man to write something like this about me. Couldve messaged me about your concerns.
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