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I am new on this site. I am an employer looking for a real houseboy who will have benefits from me(depends on how acquainted I become with you) I'm looking for a relationship that I hope goes into the long-term

I'm a middle-aged man looking to make the right choices going forward. So please, pay this no heed if you're not real or not serious. 

My houseboy username is Michaelgratt

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if you search from this page, you'll get no result becuase the forum profiles are automatically generated but separate from the main profiles and not synchronized.  that is, if you move and update your main profile, your forum profile also needs updating.  (crappy website design--they're getting money from the cams, the forums & profiles are an afterthought)

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Hello, I'm a new Houseboy..

Looking for a safe fun place to work...

I'm.loyal, honest sexy and a very good worker....I can perform any duties I'm asked to..... Please contact for more information

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