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 Please be alert to Houseboy by the name of bttmboii

 States he is living in New York.   He emailed me several times, I live on the East Coast. All of his emails are five TIME ZONE away  which would place some in Europe or Africa .

 please see the attached file, he is sending me responses five hours away.  Yahoo dates and times ALL emails.


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4 hours ago, dapalmer58 said:

The flushing address is the default address when they don't answer the question.  I would think if you don't want to answer such a simple question as where you are, then that would be a read flag to me.


That’s correct about the Flushing address being the default address when they don’t include one in their profile. And yes it’s one of the BIG red flags when I see it so I don’t waste my time contacting people with no address. Means they’re either liars, scammers or guys who aren’t really serious, just here for the fantasy of it all. 

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Add: Daviels to the resident scammer list. Trained boy looking to be rehomed by his master. Says he’s been 16 months with master in Florida but his fairly new profile lists him in Colorado. Oops! That’s just one of the many red flags. I played along until he showed his hand with the old, you’ll have to email my master to get the terms of my relocating. NOT!

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