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I scan these houseboy profiles almost daily, looking for new posts, re-reading the ones I didn’t contact but was tempted to do so. I’m disturbed by the proliferation of two questionnaire responses, “ask me,” and “it depends.”   I can understand “ask me,” if a response requires some kind of explanation that justifies an answer that might otherwise eliminate the man from consideration  But when a potential houseboy answers several questions with “ask me,” I tend to presume that he wants to Guatemala what answer I would like to hear.  The same is true for “it depends.”  One such answer is leaving something unknown, but I bypass the men who have several indefinite responses.  Am I being paranoid, or unfair to these guys?  


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No I don’t think you are at all. You’re using good common sense reasoning and being cautious is my opinion. I have to agree, I’m always wondering why those questions can’t be answered. Another big yellow caution flag for me is the people who leave blank two of the more important segments of their profile, the “Personal Description” and the “Expect from a Houseboy/Employer” sections. Or those who simply put just a handful of words in. As I see it that just tells me they either aren’t that serious, are too damn lazy, too ignorant, don’t give a damn really, are fake/scammers, or they are just living a fantasy, etc. Also when they leave blank the “turn-on/turn-off” section. I mean wtf? How difficult is that to fill out? 

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