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WARNING: Coltroyman is fake


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  One of the newest members and a 24 carat fake, Coltroyman. If you want the particulars as to how I know you can pm me. Sufficient to say, without a doubt, he is. Much as I dislike having to repeatedly list these scum bags here I feel it only right to let everyone know in order to save someone the headache of being used by one of these a__holes. Best of luck everyone and keep on trying. There’s a good one out there for everyone. 

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That’s the problem I’ve run in to. And the discovery typically occurred in the emails that are off sight so there is no evidence for the web masters to access. But I’ll change tactics , start reporting them on their profile before I let them know the jig is up, then block them so they can’t wrongly accuse me of “abusive behavior” again. I save all of the emails between me and the assorted scum bags just so I have the proof. 
Accolatroy is his new name since he got reported. Same exact profile and pic.i did a little research on the scum bag and he was getting put on notice here on the forums back in 2012 for screwing guys over. He’s slick. But not that slick. I busted his ass again. 

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