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favorite service tasks

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i am reposting my reponse to a question in Fetlife about what were my favorite tasks as a houseboy


i am very service oriented and driven now so anything that he enjoys or gets him hard, is very satisfying

but my favorite tasks over the years have been: coming into their bedroom to snuggle between them & maybe blow one when the other went into the shower, taking piss from the tap in the middle of the night, master standing up & unzipping his pants wordlessiy knowing that i would scoot over from scrubbing the floor on hands & knees to take his piss while he continued with his conference call, making him lunch and then blowing him under the table while he enjoys his sandwich, having him rest his feet on my belly while he watches TV giving him a foot rub, staying up all night fucking him the first time he wanted me to top him, bottoming for a young dom in training he was mentoring, regularly massaging both of them and bringing them to orgasm in their preferred manner, cooking naked for a dinner party no eye contact , urinal service in public, servicing his master buddy while he was on the other side of the dungeon with the sub


what are you favorite 'chores'?

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