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HB is seeking Employer and Companionship

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Hey World,

I know that I may not popular comparing to those White boys, but I do believe that there are lots of employers or daddies that are into HOT Asian boys. If you are one of those, come in :)

I am here looking for employers who can accommodate  me and give me weekly allowance. In return, I will take care of the family's cleaning , cooking and other errands. More than that I am also open to LTR or companionship. Face is important but a big heart is crucial too.

I am a college student here in LA so ideally you are based in LA or anywhere in southern Cali. Relocating is a big commitment for me to consider but I will also do that if you are the right person.

Finally, I am a genuine person here to look for someone so Scammers and Frauds, pls go away. You know what let's chat and I will require a facetime before we meet in person. 

More details, DM me! :)




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You’re a fine looking young boy that I’m sure would make a great houseboy/companion but sadly I’m in rural south central Texas. Best of luck in your search boy. 

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