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Incest, Pedophilia, and Slavery

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Is it just me, or has anyone else grown tired of the growing gay porn sites and videos featuring fantasy incest and pedophilia? When that Austin guy first did that one scene, that was... odd, but kind of cute if you fast forward to the sex. Now, there are entire websites and fully acted out series of people pretending to be getting fucked by daddy or uncle or grandad with sites like "Family Dick" flooding most gay porn search results. On the flip side, that same actor was also one of the stars of the "boys for sale movement". Yeah, I'm glad slavery for you little white boys is something you all get to enjoy so much because the history of slavery in this country hasn't always been so pleasant.

Microsoft was first to notice this disturbing trend and began limiting what would show up in searches, so to get around it, these same actors and studios began labeling it stuff like "step" dad and "not his dad" and so on. Google soon followed, and with recent refusal to work from many ethnic actors due to this and other issues, I've noticed that even PornHub isn't listing any of that at the top of their search results any more.

Why has this become such a thing? It's annoying enough that blacks in porn had to always pretend to be mean thugs, but the incest and pedophilia, and the idea of being turned on by the idea of selling, buying, and owning a person... why is this such a growing trend? 

Maybe it's just me.


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