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Another scammer or conman

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20200903_085808.thumb.jpg.0228257fbb7c5f4e368292465a4a1e00.jpg  This guy location will scam you. We text but he will not talk to you over the phone. He made a second account not long after we were texting for a few days. When I massage him on his new profile, he quickly block me.

  I knew it was him from the tattoos. On his chest it says "Hard To Love". Do not send him any money no matter how sad his story is. I try to get as much information as I can during our conversation before I was blocked. I do have a copy of his ID and registration to his truck. 

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This guy has been around here trying to pull scams a long time. Always with the hard luck scenario scam. He’s been reported so often by me he auto blocks me, and others, as soon as he makes a new profile. A real scum bag. Don’t every send this guy money unless you don’t need it. 
Thanks for posting this here ragtown!

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On 9/9/2020 at 4:09 AM, KSmith said:

So what has the houseboy admin done about blocking him permanently? I was also scammed by him.  He is on the site now calling himself MuscleBoy or Honestmuscle.  

Every time we see him, we block him. We block as many profiles as we approve.

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