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Rule #1 Guys, Don't send ANYONE money -- Ever.

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I have dealt with a lot of guys mostly from Manjam, and did send money or plane tickets to quite a few and yes, you guessed it, I am still sitting here alone. I have had one guy from Houseboy seem serious but he wanted to send $10,000 into my account and I am sure that would be the old ACH transfer scam where the money goes in and he asks me to send money to his mother or friend who just went in the hospital or other, and after I send the money, the ACH gets recalled leaving me minus whatever I sent. DO NOT EVER let anyone send you a cashier's check, regular check, ACH deposit, or remote deposit into your account as all of them can turn out to be fake and leave you in trouble. Only accept a WIRE as it cannot be recalled by the sender. And again DON'T SEND ANYONE MONEY FOR ANY REASON. I will guarantee you 100% that you will just lose that money.

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I have had the good fortune to have met some awesome people this way too not everyone is a scammer.  We chatted then called and finally decided it would be great to meet.  I live in Las Vegas and don't play much at the casinos.  I can easily justify sending a Greyhound bus ticket to someone in the hopes that I make a nice connection but in the end, if it didn't work out for any reason then I don't feel it was any different then taking my money down to the Strip and blowing it there.  I might win I might lose more than likely I will lose it the trick is to only play with what you can comfortably loose.

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I have been taken a number of times - I know that Matterxxx must be fake as I recognize his foto from being scammed on another site.  Even locally, sent $50 for gas thru Walmart - he showed ID, was on security cam footage, didn't show up.  Have air credits from multiple airlines for unused tickets I purchased - why do I keep doing this I ask myself?  Only real lads that ever visited me in the last 10 years were from foreign countries - Australia, Peru, British Columbia the Philippines,,and Ecuador.  Trying to find a local guy right now.

The mistake most scammers do is use fotos of known fitness advocates, internet sensations like Cameron Dallas, one in Russia, or young porn "stars" usually from Europe.  Google reverse image search has been great finding matches in seconds.  I was approached by a man from Utah on two sites now who was in his sixties and looking for a home for his houseboy - the pics are of Garrett Rowland, from his Instagram account.  He wanted $2500 for expenses.  This was the first week on this site  Dadkinkk is a scam.

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this is very good information with appropriate links for those needing assistance.

I received a call from a houseboy named 


he was begging for money.

I tried to listen and offer some verbal support but then he got angry and defense started making threats.

Thank goodness it was on my corporate extension. Security sent me a memo this morning.

I tried to report it to support here but the report won't even go through.


Any suggestions?




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Makes sense to me what i’m reading on this forum! 

I know I would never blatantly ask for money. Not a respectful thing to do, or expect from someone. If my car broke down and I was stuck, I’d call a friend/tow truck and not my employer. Heh

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