• FAQ - Promotional Emails

    How do I set my preference for promotional emails and general settings?

    1. Login to your account and click your profile pic on right hand top corner or click bottom right corner My account link.
    2. Go to Notification Section.
    3. You can set following preference
      1. PM Emails:  This setting allows you to send new messages notification by instant, Daily, Weekly and Never
      2. Search Distance:  Set your search profile distance type.
      3. Favourites Notifications: System will send notification on your favourite user profile activity like photo upload, video upload, online etc.
      4. Visible to Members Only: Turn on this setting to allow only site login members can view your profile. After changing this setting, it will take minimum 10 minutes to update.
      5. Email Subscription: Turn off subscription’s emails using this setting.
    4. Change above option and click on save button to save it permanently.