• FAQ - Premium Subscription

    How do I pay for premium subscription?


    You can subscribe Premium plans in four ways.


    • Payment Option (CCBILL and VEROTEL)
      • Login to your account and click your profile pic on right hand top corner or click bottom right corner My account link.
      • Blow your profile pic the is a button that says upgrade account. Click on it and you can see all subscription details on this page.
      • Scroll down the page and select your payment processor such as CCBIll or VEROTEL
      • Next, select your subscription plan and click Upgrade Now
      • It will ask for confirmation and check your old active payments. IF you have any active payments you need to cancel the old subscription and the upgrade again with the new plan.
      • After the payment process is complete, please logout and login to system again to update all your information.


    • Site Points Upgrades
      • We love the fact that our members are the best around and we want to make sure their participation on the site is rewarded. With this in mind, we offer free to Silver or Gold memberships to all members as long as they maintain following conditions
      • Have a Verified Profile, 25 approved photos and videos and you will upgrade to premium.


    • Forum Points Upgrades
      • 250 posts and you are Silver for 2 years.
      • 700 posts and you are Gold for 2 years
      • 1500 posts and you are LIFETIME GOLD


    • Coupon Code
      • IF you have any promotional coupon code you can upgrade your account using this coupon code.
      • Go to my account and click on upgrade account button and scroll page at the bottom. Find the section for coupon code. Add your code and click validate.