• FAQ - Videos

    How do I upload videos?

    You can upload two type of videos G rated and XXX. Following the setups to upload photos.

    1.     Login to your account and click your profile pic on right hand top corner or click bottom right corner My account link.
    2.     Go to videos Section.
    3.     Select video which you want to upload. We recommended to upload .mp4 videos for best results. We support mp4, 3gp, avi.mov and flv formats as well.
    4.     Click upload video and application will upload all videos.
    5.     After uploading video admin team will verify it and make them G rated and XXX.

    What is the limit to upload videos?

    • Premium members can upload up to 100 Videos.

    How many videos I can view per day?

    •     Premium members can view unlimited G rated and XXX videos.
    •     Free members can see 5 G Rated videos only.

    How many images I can save in my favourite List?

    •     Premium members can save unlimited images in favorite list.
    •     Free members can save only 25 videos.

    Where I can find/manage my favourite Videos?

    • Go to Videos search page. In filter area select My Favourite and click on search button.
    • You can see all active favourite list in search.