• FAQ - Search

    How do I get the best search result?

    The most important is your location. Our new search gives best result base on your location. So make sure you can have updated your location from my account area.

    Can I create custom Search filters?

    1. You can filter search result base on your need.
    2. Search by distance: you can set distance in kilometres and miles. And filter the result base on it like with in 100, 200, 500 and 1000 miles. It will give list of members who is close to your location with given distance.
    3. Search by age: Set age filter to the specific range and click on search it will give results between rage.
    4. Search by Username: You can simply search any user profile to adding initial letter of the username and it will give matching result with it. E.g. If you search mi it will give all profile with starting user name with mi
    5. Search by Location: By default, application takes your profile location and base on it will show the relevant results to you however you can set custom location to get profile on any specific location. E.g. If your location is set to New York and you want to search profiles in Brazil, you can set location in filter section and search results in brazil.
    6. Advance Search Option: You can search profile base on profile information like Sexual Potion, Ethnicity, Body Type, Online, Verified photos, Newest etc.


    Can I search other locations without changing my profile location?

    Yes! Just go to filter options on member’s search and set your location and click on search button.