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maybe my last chance

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28 year old (look younger) professional w college degree looking for live-in houseboy position with right older guy. Maybe my last chance for a long-term position before the end of my 20s. Inquire to learn more happy to share photos, interests and other details. 

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xdc91 trust me, you're never too old to be a houseboy. I know plenty good houseboys in their 40's. Hell, even I keep getting offers in my mid 30's and my first line reads "no longer a houseboy". If you're good at what you do (and depending on what kind of guys you're wanting to notice you), your age won't have anything to do with it. Keep doing what you do and don't ever feel you're too old to be whatever you want to be. Trust me, there are plenty of men that will desire an older houseboy.

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