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New Houseboy willing to relocate


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Hello guys!,

I am a twenty y/o aspiring houseboy.
I'm looking for potential employers who may or may not be new this as well.

There are many things that I know how to do, to an extent, I can be a Jack of all trades.
If you are looking for an ambitious, young, fun, optimistic, caring houseboy with hopes, dreams, and a future then I'm your guy!

I've been looking through the forums to see if any of this is real and apparently there is a large scammer population on this site. I will tell you, "I am not a scammer, I've been scammed before and it's a good feeling." I'm genuinely looking for a "houseboy/employer" situation.

I was in school and was only seven classes from graduating before my scholarship ran out so I took this semester off to work and try to save my money to go back to school. If I do end up relocating I would like to finish my degree in the mean time; maybe by continuing online if there are a lot of chores. I hope that doesn't deter too many of you away.

Please don't hesitate to give my HB profile a look see then contact me if you're interested.
Click on my name in rainbow below it should take you to my houseboy page.
I'm excited to hear back from you!

Thanks for taking time to read this,

Rubénito :D

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