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  1. MasterMike


    collarme - if still seeking a dominate Master = reply
  2. Hello --- came up with another one - gbaski from UK - is up for sale from his Master in England. Contact was made with his Master and he has several requirements and fee to be paid up front. So - I hope this helps.
  3. Here is another one --- boisamrob --- is up for sale from the UK - trainer Carl. I hope this helps everyone to avoid losing money
  4. Here is another one --- boyjackie11 - I contacted him and he is for sale by his Master --- there should be a better way to inform admin of this type of activity instead of going thru a lot., I hope this helps you all.
  5. It is not for boi to know the kind of punishment - that is up to Master to provide what Master feels is needed to correct state of mind of boi.
  6. Is boy still seeking a position? 

    1. patmag


      Still looking for houseboy.

  7. Read your posting - are you still seeking position? If so, review profile and reply
  8. Hello Employers and Houseboys; I have seen nothing but bad things that has happened on sites like this one. How about some of you that have have or had a good experience on here - like - met this houseboy and things are going fine OR how many of employers are pleased with the replies? OR from houseboys - met this employer and things are going fine. OR tell us that you have been with this houseboy for the past XXXX years, etc. The information that you provide does not have to be specific but more general in nature - the positive things. So, how about sharing the good things for awhile. I think that we all need some positive information for some of us to still hope that there are good employers and houseboys out there. I hope that I have express myself in the right way and hope that some of you out there agrees with me. MasterMike
  9. Seeking 24/7/365 houseboy - duties include the normal household duties; be companion and share in all additional duties (to include but not limited to) hiking partner; fishing partner; enjoys country living (not urban or city living) exploring the outdoors with Master Mike; more later but who is interested in living out in the true country and exploring the outdoors/nature with a mature man. If interested reply - be for real cause Master Mike is for real,.
  10. Hello Boy: - how is the search going? any good replies from your post? Review mine and let me know.
  11. Are you interested in living in the wilderness area - compared to a city? Being a country boy vs. city boy? Let me know
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