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Looking to relocate

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Age: 22, Current Location: Texas 

Looking to relocate. Not a huge fan of the term "houseboy" because I am hoping for something a little different. I am NOT looking for a relationship, sexual partner or someone who wants to 'own' me. I am looking for a healthy, safe, secure atmosphere where I can be myself. I am capable of handling chores, errands, etc... I hope to find someone who is okay with being close friends/confidants/somewhat of a mentor, but anything other than that would depend on the chemistry that develops. I am not opposed to the possibility of sex, but if the chemistry isn't there then it isn't happening. Just don't want it to be expected because that just adds unnecessary pressure (in my opinion). If you do expect it then I'm most likely not your guy. I have never moved off to be in a situation such as this, so it's imperative that you can prove to me that you have a SAFE environment to offer (and that I can trust you).

I have many interests. A few are paleontology, archaeology, ancestry and anything nature-related.

When it comes to cooking you may have to pretend to like my food sometimes, but most of the time it's edible lol. People call me a clean freak so you would not have to worry about messes. If you have landscape that needs tending, I can definitely help out there. Anyways, if you would like to know more about me then pm me on here with your email and I will hit you up with more information/face pics. 

Thanks :)

***Not looking to relocate outside of the United States***



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