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  1. gorcum

    Looking for Employer

    thank you so much for this report.
  2. hope you are succesfull
  3. yes long time between comments.
  4. I have to agree with jagjet, it is really how you present yourself and what potential employers are looking for. You should really spruce up your profile and make it clear what you are offering, Not only stress that you are chubby but lso what you can all do for an employer.
  5. Just wondering if Canada is an atractive place for USA houseboys to work? Or is crossing the border to much of a hassle?
  6. When I enter I am the only one to.
  7. gorcum

    Hey! I'm Kota.

    hope you find some one nice.
  8. I have been member here a short time and have been able to contact some nice boys and had good conversations. I think that the questions are overly sexual. I think that sexual aspects can be discussesd and instead of asking take loads in the mouth or ass, maybe bottom, top or versatile or say ask me. The HIV question I think ask for dishonesty, because not every positive person likes to put that in a public profile. I think putting a time limit to membership or make it expensive to join is not invitable to new members.Some people need time to find the right relationship. It is also up to the members of this site to post on forums, and make this site interesting.
  9. yes I send him a ticket and he is here already for 12 days and he is a lovely boy. I think from the Philipines no use sending them a ticket because of visa requirements, but the UK they should be able to come I am so sorry they did not show up after you gave them a ticket.
  10. Hope you find some one. where are you now?
  11. hope you find a good employer
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