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  1. Many guys in the gay community prefer guys who are physically similar to themselves for their own reasons. Some call it body shaming and others don’t. This post is mainly about explaining my perspective and hopefully sharing yours about this issue among homosexual and bisexual (who look for other) males.

    Personally, I am attracted to men who push their bodies to the limits and set new limits for themselves. My physical journey involves working through my  main challenge: discipline (nothing new or unrelatable). I do some exercises a couple times a month just to keep up my current physique. 

    Why do you exercise? What motivates you when you do? If you have an athletic physique and you’re looking for similar builds, why do you prefer this preference?

     Again, this is just a post to understand other’s perspectives. It’s intention is not to make you upset.

  2. SirGwain


    Hey everyone! I’ve always fantasized about taking care of a beautiful man’s, or men’s, home while receiving wisdom. I know this might sound fake, but I don’t know how else to express my desire to be a houseboy. I love nature, talking, music, art, cleaning, beaches, and more (intros are a bit difficult for me).
  3. I second this. I’ve always wanted a mentor who could give me financial advice and have an emotional relationship with. I wouldn’t mind talking about that more privately.
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